Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital located in the West Ashley neighborhood of Charleston, SC.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide each pet with the individualized care that he or she needs.  Even which vaccinations your pet needs is based on your lifestyle and your pet’s breed.  We have luxurious cat boarding facilities and we love to board pets with special needs. Other services we offer include holistic care by Dr. Holley Cone, massage, dental care, digital x-ray, board-certified surgeons, obesity management, home visits, microchipping, behavioral consults, full in-house blood analysis and a special exam room just for cats.


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  1. Donna Espinola Says:

    I live in Canada now and lived in W Ashley for 8 yrs. I had 2 dogs then both rescues including one Golden who is now 14 yrs and still going well. I am not certain if you are the vets that we attended..i forget but the clinic was at the side of the small mall across from the hospital. I was so excited when i ran across your blog. Soooo informative and from a vet yet. WOW free info. I don’t know another vet in either country who would love animals this much to spend time helping the lay person understand so many important issues. I love the way you manage your patients health including life style etc. I wish we could clone you although i don’t believe that cloning is ethical at this time. I am though ignorant of many of the facts. I just wanted to say thank you so much, i will be reading your articles and wishing you and your staff, colleagues and patients the very best this life has to offer. Sincerely, Donna Espinola, Nikki, Maxine, Wid and Sophie my four darling dogs. In beautiful Prince Edward County, Consecon,Ontario Canada.

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