Paws In The Park

September 4, 2011

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge advocate for the stray and abandoned animals in our community.  And, I served on the board of the Charleston Animal Society for a decade in order to help put my money where my mouth is.  Now it is your turn to help the less-fortunate animals in the Charleston area.  Both the Charleston Animals Society and Pet Helpers have their biggest fundraisers in October and both organizations would love to have you attend and/or sponsor their events.  Here are the details:

If, like me, you would enjoy spending a few hours in a gorgeous park surrounded by your pets and animals of all kinds, then save the date for the Charleston Animal Society’s PAWS IN THE PARK on October 15th from 9am to 2pm at Park Circle, North Charleston.  This informal event is a blast. It features a fun walk, games, food, live music and activities for pets and their families.  800 people of all ages join this family fun day every year.   This year there will be local animal experts and veterinarians on hand to answer questions related to animal health, a variety of educational exhibits, vendors from all around the Lowcountry, and lots of treats for animals and their owners.  The costume contests and kissing contests cannot be beaten for laughs.  The agility demonstrations are amazing.  Years ago, I got my dog certified as a Canine Good Citizen at the event.  (Between you and me, she has misbehaved ever since.  She was good as gold in front of the judges, she got her special tag, and it was all over.  Go figure…)

Anyway, this year, she and all of us at Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital will be walking in the fun walk.  Why don’t you form a team and join us?  If you own a business that could use a little exposure, consider sponsoring this event.  Sponsorships start at only $100, but I think the “My Team Will Raise $500” level is the no-brainer of the year.  This level gets your business a booth under the big tent and, hopefully, you got your friends and clients to actually cough up the money, so you are out nothing except great exposure and lots of fun.

Sign up, form a team or become a sponsor all at

The Pet Helpers Furry Affair is always the talk of the town.  And, this year, you can even bring your pet!  How fun will that be?  You all dressed to the nines and your pet in tow.  The event takes place October 29th at 6:30pm in the Crystal Ballroom at the Marriott on Lockwood.  I cannot wait to see the professional pictures taken at the event this year.  There will be dog walkers and special activities to entertain your dog, including a “disco dog park”.  For the humans there will be silent and live auctions, live entertainment, served dinner and dancing.  Tickets are $150 per person and $75 per dog.

If you want to be a sponsor of this event, you better get hopping.  Many of the major sponsorship options are already spoken for.  Also, consider donating an auction item.  To check out the event, get tickets, become a sponsor or donate to the auctions, simply visit

Get out there and  have some fun this fall and help out the stray and abandoned animals at the same time!


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